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Have you ever wondered how to start a book club? Or wished you could be a better reading group leader? Ever wondered how to tackle certain genres or types of books in book discussions? Or agonized over how to organize book club meetings? Perhaps you'd like to know how to deal with the problem member who is monopolizing all discussions - or even simply encouraging members to participate and contribute more? TheReadingClub answers all these questions and more.
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Latest Comments
  • Ani
    Re: Book Clubs for Teenagers
    Hi I am looking for a teen book club /reading group for my son - 15- to join. He is an avid reader and writer but I can't find one.…
    13 July 2015
  • TheReadingClub
    Re: Lifelong Benefits of Joining a Book Club
    @solozny. We hope this website helps you.
    8 May 2015
  • solonzy
    Re: Lifelong Benefits of Joining a Book Club
    want to start a reading club kindly suggest name slogan and give me directives on how to run it.
    2 May 2015
  • pupu
    Re: The Top Ten Famous Authors
    the information was very much helpful..... keep it up and try on other subject matter all the best....
    18 October 2014
  • TheReadingClub
    Re: Where Can I Get Funding For a Reading Club?
    @Vince. There's lots of information on the rest of this website but start with this article this article - How…
    23 September 2014
  • Vince
    Re: Where Can I Get Funding For a Reading Club?
    I want to start a book reading club but I dont have a clue as to what is expected of me. How do you run a book…
    22 September 2014
  • Ann
    Re: Book Clubs for Children
    How can I advertise, or bring under the attention of the teenagers, or tell them more about my new sci-fi book: SNAP! AND THE ALTER EGO…
    20 August 2014
  • Won Hee
    Re: Book Club Field Trips
    Hi, I am pleased to discover this website regarding the field trip for a book club. Last week I discussed the possibility of visiting…
    19 August 2014
  • Fiona Kezia Winston
    Re: The Top Ten Famous Authors
    What?! Nobody likes Ayn Rand! The Fountainhead was as bad as Altas Shrugged :O Why didn't Dostoevsky make it to the top ten? :O Ayn…
    18 August 2014
  • Fiona Kezia Winston
    Re: Poetry Book Clubs
    I've always seen reading as a personal activity.Especially,reading poetry.I've never actually believed in public recitals but my views took a…
    18 August 2014
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